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When I die. [Sep. 24th, 2008|12:24 am]
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Putting it out on the ether, consider this my living will. It's not official, but this is what I want:

1. Do not resuscitate. I do not want to delay the inevitable.
2. Do not bury me. The least I'll accept is having my ashes in someone's garden. I'd prefer my body being donated to science or some necros or something, though.
3. My funeral will be as such: Only the people I care about are welcome; basically, if we've been drunk together, you're invited. Multiply the number of attendees by fifths of whiskey, and no one leaves until it's gone and everyone's sobered up, because fuck that drinking & driving shit.
4. I'll no doubt die with some sort of debt, so in lieu of payment, please send a picture of my penis to anyone I owe money.
5. As far as possessions, anything that the attendees of my funeral cannot put to immediate use should be donated to any secular, non-partisan charity, or burned.